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Interior Design


Residential Design

Sharon was intrigued by the house plan books of parents who were continually building and renovating. Soon she was sketching plans of her own and by the time she was 30, had designed and renovated four apartments. A formal interior design education followed at CIDA-accredited Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

With the awareness that well designed spaces endure time and bring joy, Husk will work with you to co-create your interior environment.

For Husk, home design follows the 'little house' origins of its name. This is not about high end luxury interiors, but about mindful choices and maximizing the potential of small spaces. We work from the principle that everyone has the right to a healthy environment, both inside & outside of the home.


To provide background on what it is like to work with an interior designer, here is a brief breakdown of a typical residential design process. Keep in mind that these stages will be customized for each project. Along with the timing of when to engage a general contractor, these points are reviewed at an exploratory meeting.

  • Programming

    • Start up involves research of client & project and is centred on listening and observing. Needs & wants are shared, the site is examined, budget is discussed, a timeline is estimated and style preferences are explored. We want to hear about your dreams. Portions of programming can be carried out before a renovation is near or a new home is known, as grounding for upcoming decisions.

  • Schematic Design

    • A conceptual approach is set in motion and loose sketches are shared for review.

  • Design Development

    • The design begins to take shape with increasingly complete drawings and the specification of materials & finishes, plumbing fixtures & fittings, appliances and lighting as required.

  • Construction Documentation

    • Detailed drawings convey the design. 

  • Construction Administration

    • The design team coordinates with the contractor team to help ensure the vision is seen through.

  • Furniture & Accessory Selection

    • This process may not be on every project, but does add the finishing touch.


Feel free to reach out to discuss how a restorative personal space can be tailored to your values and lifestyle.

Commercial Design

Small businesses in the wellness industry are a good fit for collaboration.​ Together, we can design a workplace that is aligned with your business ethics, for you and your customers.

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