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Oak Bay


Imagining how it must have been for the original owners to build their Tudor-inspired house in the idyllic neighbourhood of Oak Bay, the project respects its 1939 roots while considering design sensibilities and technology of the present. This is more than a renovation, but a full rejuvenation of a home in 2 phases for a growing family.

Green design features:

  • Building material reuse. Millwork and partition layouts are arranged to open the space to more natural light, preserve original hardwood floor details and navigate lower basement ceiling heights without costly & disruptive house raising.

  • Schoolhouse Electric lighting manufactured in the shared Cascadia bioregion.

  • Water saving plumbing fixtures & fittings.

  • Ceramic tile produced in North America or made with recycled content in Japan.

  • Renewable and non-toxic linoleum flooring with a mold resistant basement subfloor.

  • Custom upholstery with natural latex foam and textiles free of PFAS stain repellents & flame retardants as constructed by Fawcett Mattress

  • Existing furniture supplemented with locally sourced thrift store finds & a few carefully selected new pieces.

Yager Construction's work includes custom French doors and extensive on-site woodwork. Referring again to material reuse, spot the transformation of the dated yet durable 1980s oak kitchen cabinets reconfigured by Husk and expertly restored by Turner Restoration. With their new finish, these cabinets have a second life relocated to the kitchenette & laundry room where the original sink sits in its new place of honour.


Efficient use of space, timelessness and attention to material transitions are key design considerations. The house is designed to be multi-functional, allowing the owners to tuck things away to minimize clutter. We want every room to be cozy, with places to retreat to and to share.​​

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